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• Quality Management System to ensure compliance with the terms and effectiveness of continuous improvement,

• every job we did as Albogaz the first time, on time and to constantly correct,

• produce aluminum and steel pipes that we have always used technology to develop in line with customer needs,

• our company as dynamic and ready to compete by making it necessary to increase the available domestic and international market share.

• our products, assemble; From raw material input to monitor processes by setting up the product output, to follow, to analyze continually improve.

• errors and losses may occur during production and minimizing the productivity to a maximum level,

• awareness that quality is everyone's responsibility in the production, adoption by employees within the organization's quality management system and to provide support,

• to increase their knowledge and experience in-house for employees and providing training for the sector and ensure the training of qualified personnel conscious,

• in our relationships with our suppliers cooperation to company policy, maintain the highest level, by making no compromise on quality,

• Albogaz as they share with us the purpose of our customers as well as existing jobs of the future and also about the desire is to have a healthy knowledge.

In the long-term importance we give to quality will be a key to our success. This success will continue to drive with the support of the staff Albogaz.



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